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Chapter 1
The Beginning
There once was a woman that lives in the forest that calls herself the Tiger Mistress. She stays away from everyone, but she stays close enough to watch the people, who are in her forest. There is a girl named Koko that is always tied to the tree the Tiger Mistress lives in. She was raised by vampire bats; she has bat wings that are attached from her arms to her legs. Every so often the Tiger Mistress comes down and just looks at her. “Why are you tied to my tree” The Tiger Mistress asked. “It’s because of the Crazy Guardians.” Koko answers still crying. The Tiger Mistress unties Koko and takes her up into the tree, and just holds Koko until she stopped crying. When Koko stopped crying, she kept clinging to the Tiger Mistress. The Tiger Mistress didn’t know why, Koko was clinging to her, the girl wouldn’t let go. The Tiger Mistress thought it might be because these people were using her to find something hidden in the forest. The thing they are looking for is a huge crystal ball that has the power to turn anyone who touches it into a monster. But for some reason it doesn’t affect women. She became so angry at them for doing this to Koko. The people below started to yell and panic because the Koko was gone. “Where’s the girl we tied to the tree?” Annabelle screamed. “Last time I saw her, she was tied to the tree,” Lulu yells. “Well we better find her, because if we lose her, we lose the location of the crystal ball.” Flora said. The Tiger Mistress decides to come down out of the tree and show herself to these people. Then she starts to come down from the tree, when she heard someone yell behind her and she stops half way down and she didn’t move until it was quiet. When it gets quiet she began to move again. That’s when Lulu notice there was something moving down the tree. “There is something coming down out of the tree” Lulu yelled. When Flora saw what it was she backed away from the tree. The Tiger Mistress turned around and looked at them, when they saw that Koko was clinging to her. Lulu tried to get Koko away from her, but the Koko didn’t want to go back to them so she clings to the creature tighter than before. The Tiger Mistress said a single word that calmed her down. When Lulu and Flora came closer, she went half way back up the tree. They find out that when they get to close, she retreats back up the tree. So they backed away and she came back down out of the tree. She set the girl on the ground but Koko didn’t want to be on the ground. The Koko wanted to stay in her arms. But the Tiger Mistress held up one finger and said a word that kept her on the ground. The Tiger Mistress walked around looking at each person. The ones watched the most she got closer to. When she heard the little girl scream she ran back and scratched Yea’s back really bad. When they saw that she was protective of Koko. They kept their distance from them. The Tiger Mistress kept Koko close to her at all times. When she put Koko back against her chest, the girl clings to her tightly so she wouldn’t fall off. The Tiger Mistress went back to Meme and stayed near her. Meme didn’t know what the Tiger Mistress wanted though. So Meme went back to what she was doing. The Tiger Mistress stayed close to the women only. When Lulu saw that she started to growl at Lee. Who came and kissed the Meme on the cheek and said “why do you avoid me sweetie” Lee said softly. The Tiger Mistress began to get angry, so Meme told him to go away. When he did, the Tiger Mistress went quiet and when Meme told him to stand where she was. Meme went to get something. Then Lee got his ankle bit hard. Lee limped away in pain, when Meme came back and saw Lee’s ankle was bleeding. That’s when they found out she didn’t like men at all. “Why the hell did you do that for, he didn’t do anything to you” Meme Yelled at the Tiger Mistress. That’s when Meme thought she was asleep so she tried something. The Tiger Mistress stays right where she is. When Tiger Mistress felt something weird she destroyed it even if it was a blanket that Meme had laid next to her to it on. When they saw that the Tiger Mistress shredded the blanket she just sat there on the ground watching her. The Tiger Mistress began to clean Koko. They all watched her as she was cleaned Koko. The Tiger Mistress didn’t like being watched. When the Tiger Mistress sensed something she didn’t like she started to panic. When Meme, Flora, Lulu, Lee, Mona, Annabelle and Kira saw the Tiger Mistress was panicking from something. When Kira came closer and she calmed down. The Tiger Mistress went back to cleaning Koko, that’s when they saw that she did it when there is a woman near her. Koko didn’t wonder too far away from her, because she didn’t want to get tied to the tree again. When Jack tried to get Koko to come and sit next to him, that’s when Tiger Mistress sensed him. She got defensive and started to growl at him. Jack didn’t show any fear of any kind what so ever. Jack didn’t even flinch when she scratched his leg really bad. When she notice he didn’t flinch when she bit his leg as hard as she could. She thought he might be really stupid and that he might be hiding his fear from her. When Jack noticed she was looking up at him. He just stood there smiling down at her. So she kept biting Jack’s leg harder and harder trying to get him to show at least some fear. Because she didn’t like men like that at all. Jack just stood there letting her do what she wanted to do, the interior time until she couldn’t do it anymore. That’s when she thought of something that would get him to flinch. So she got up on her hind legs and just stood there for a moment smiling at him and he smiled back. Then she kicked him between the legs as hard as she could. Jack fell to the ground holding himself in pain. She went back down on all fours and went back to Koko and picked her up. Koko began to scream clinging to her. The Tiger Mistress started to calm Koko down and she fell asleep. The Tiger Mistress turned back to the spot where Meme was. When she noticed the Meme was gone. She began to sniff the ground for the Meme’s scent. When she found it she followed it straight to this tent. She pasted there for a while making loud noises just outside the tent trying to get Meme to come out. When Mena saw the Tiger Mistress there she began to growls at her. That’s when Meme came to the opening to let her in. The Tiger Mistress started to scratch the ground stretching and jumping side to side. When the full moon came up and the tiger mistress gained special powers. She turned around and rose up on her hind legs, and put her hand on each side of this woman’s head, and put images of what she was capable of doing. Koko and Meme fell to the ground breathing hard as they watched so many pictures flash fast in their heads. Koko started to laugh when the Tiger Mistress’s tail landed on her head. The men left the forest but, Meme, Flora, Lulu, Mona, Mena, Annabelle and Kira stayed behind to learn how to live in the wild. They learned faster than the Tiger Mistress expected them to and they all lived together in the forest. Some of them gathered fruit and hunted for food and some were healers, warriors. They also learned to become friends with the wild animals. Their senses became better at sensing their surroundings.


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